ICAST 2012: Missile Baits

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John Crews

Bass pro John Crews, designer of Missile Baits

New Bass Tackle for 2013 from Missile Baits

At the annual ICAST trade show to be held in Orlando, Florida in July 2012, vendors in the sportfishing tackle industry unveil all the new tackle they’re planning for 2013.

Missile Baits is a new company founded by bass fishing pro, John Crews. They offer soft bass baits.

Not all bass baits (even “signature” lures) are designed by bass pros, and it often shows in the product, for better or worse. So in the rare case that one top pro is the owner, designer and in a sense, his own most demanding customer, good products happen. Missile Baits shapes, expert colors, actions and packaging (to preserve best shape in the bag) are spot on!

Twin Turbo

The Twin Turbo is the most versatile twin tail bait on the market. says the company. The tapered twin tails with stiff-arm supports and fast start tips move naturally at all speeds. The body shape with Missile grip ribs is thinner and longer to allow for great hook ups and Texas rigging applications. It is perfect for football jig trailer, swimming jig trailer, Texas rig, Carolina rig, chatterbait trailer and spinnerbait trailer uses.

Tomahawk 8.75

Missile Baits D-Bomb

One of the hottest new soft bait of 2012 - the Missile D-Bomb was used by Ish Monroe to win the Bassmaster Elite on Lake Okeechobee Florida in March 2012.

The big worm has a new twist. When you need a big ribbontail worm, the Tomahawk 8.75 is the one. A unique double tail gives this worm action at the slightest twitch. A tapered head and Missile grip ribs allow for great hook sets. Use it on Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and larger shaky head applications.

D Bomb

Pitching and flipping has a new go-to bait. D Bomb is a bulky 4” creature bait with a unique ribbed body that displaces lots of water resulting in a straight fall. The tails sail when left connected or flap wildly when separated. The body is thinner where the hook comes out for easy hook sets but has a thicker head so the bait stays on the hook.

Drop Craw

This is the first crawfish shaped bait on the market, specifically designed for a drop shot! The 3” Drop Craw can be Texas rigged or nose hooked on the tail end or head end. No bass has seen a bait like this on a drop shot. The flopping claws will move at the slightest twitch of the rod. Smallmouth, spots, and largemouth will chew up this little snack.

Ish Monroe

Bass pro Ish Monroe

Missile Craw

We all love the flipping tube but hate the lost fish. Now the Missile Craw solves that problem. The 4” crawfish shaped bait has a big hook slot all the way down the belly for piercing hook sets. The solid head design has a slim profile but still has a little bulk, which makes it skip very well. The bait was designed to be a slimmer flipping presentation but has other uses including on a shaky head, Carolina rig, and jig trailer.

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