Classic 2013: Smithwick Rogue a Perfect 10

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Classic 2013: Smithwick Rogue a Perfect 10Jerkbaits have played an important role in the Classic practice on Grand Lake, Oklahoma, and the Smithwick Lure Company is hoping that its latest product – the Perfect 10 Rogue jerkbait will play a part in the actual Classic which starts Friday.

Indeed the original Rattlin’ Rogue is one Smithwick that has already helped Kevin VanDam to win the Classic in Pittsburgh in 2005.

Now a new Rogue model is in the hands of several of this year’s Classic contenders.

The Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue is designed with a new material, with a new lip design, to get deeper, quicker than other jerkbaits. The internal weighting system of this suspending jerkbait features a tungsten rattle that produces a unique “thump” proven to trigger strikes and is not available in other jerkbaits, says the company.. This system also prompts the Perfect 10 to be more responsive, settle to the horizontal position quicker after a twitch, and retain the unequalled “Rogue roll” that’s caught so many fish over the years.

Classic 2013: Smithwick Rogue a Perfect 10The Perfect 10’s translucent body accentuates the colors and intensifies the reflective scale properties to attract fish from a distance. At the same time, this semi-transparent frame retains its realistic and effective look up close. Eight new color patterns were designed with input from the best professional anglers on the water. In addition, these cutting-edge color patterns also will be available in the Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue lineup.

The Perfect 10 Rogue has an MSRP of $6.99. It will be on display at Smithwick’s booth at the Bassmaster Classic Expo this week.

It’s fairly large as jerkbaits go. I’d estimate at least 5″ to 5-1/2″ with a nice girth and feels around 3/8 oz or so.

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