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Craw Chunk

Craw Chunk

New Bass Tackle for 2013 from Yum

At the annual ICAST trade show to be held in Orlando, Florida in July 2012, vendors in the sportfishing tackle industry unveil all the new tackle they’re planning for 2013.

New! YUM Craw Chunk

Anglers know that crawfish pincers are rarely motionless, constantly moving to catch food and provide defense from predator fish. The claws or pincers on the new YUM Craw Chunk are also in constant motion and when used as a jig trailer, wave big bass right on in. The claws are oversized yet thin, so they undulate with every movement of the rod or smallest breath of current. But the real keys are the thickened, ribbed ends. The very slight added weight and ribs prompt the claws to move constantly and erratically.

The body of the Craw Chunk is meaty enough to withstand constant abuse from rocks, cover and, of course, bass. The realistic head and antenna make this lure perfect for any bass jig, as well as unskirted jigs and even Texas and Carolina rigged.

Mighty Craw

Mighty Craw

The new YUM Craw Chunk comes in two sizes: 2-¾” and 3-¾”.

New! YUM Mighty Craw

Sometimes you’ve got to go slow in the world of bass fishing. Essential to a slow-moving bait, however, is bait action, which is why bass get so excited about the new YUM F2 Mighty Craw. This slim crawfish bait features long, thin claws that move with the slightest current or twitch of the rod tip. When you need slow-motion action, a Mighty Craw is the lure to throw. It’s perfect as a jig trailer, on a Texas or Carolina rig and weightless.

Added crawfish appendages provide more action, but it’s the meticulously designed long main claws that provide the action that convinces bass that this is a good and easy meal. Other realistic crawfish features provide the look needed in clear water.

The new Mighty Craw is 3-¼” long.

New! Lil’ SuzEE Swimbait

Lil' SuzEE

Lil' SuzEE

The Lil’ SuzEE swimbait’s design is influenced by one of the world’s best anglers, Bassmaster Elite pro Edwin Evers (thus the “EE”). Looking for a swimbait with the versatility to work in grass, wood cover and pitch easily deep under docks and overhangs, Edwin Evers and YUM designers went to work creating the perfect swimbait, and achieved it in the Lil’ SuzEE.

Then when the umbrella rig craze hit, the Lil’ SuzEE just became that much sweeter. Its 4-¾” baitfish profile features ribs to produce unique water displacement and a hook slot in the belly. The body of the bait is thick and tough, but the tail narrows and flattens so the swimming knob at the end really makes this bait move like a living baitfish, says the company

The Lil’ SuzEE can be rigged on a weighted or weightless hook, jighead or on a multi-bait rig like the YUMbrella. It swims with the best of them!

New! The YUMphibian



The new YUMphibian is the ultimate in creature baits. The supple body is soft enough to move and swim but durable enough to catch several fish without tearing, and the multiple appendages kick out more water displacement and disturbance than any other creature bait. With two small swimming arms at the top, a pair of longer curl tails at the end and two big “flappers” at the midpoint, this critter never stops moving…or catching fish.

The YUMphibian comes in three sizes: 4-½”, 5-¼” and 6″.

It can be Texas rigged with or without a weight, Carolina rigged or even on a drop shot. It catches fish flipped, pitched or worked deep. It’s as versatile as the angler throwing it. Any of the appendages can be pinched off if the fish want a more subtle action to match any conditions.

About YUM F2 Attractant-Infused Soft Baits

YUM soft baits have YUM F2 Attractant infused into the plastic during the molding process making them one of the most effective scented soft bait brands for bass. YUM F2 Attractant was independently tested and found to be 30 percent more effective than the leading brand of scent, and because it’s water-based, it constantly releases a strong scent trail.

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