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New Bass Tackle for 2013 from Terminator

At the annual ICAST trade show to be held in Orlando, Florida in July 2012, vendors in the sportfishing tackle industry unveil all the new tackle they’re planning for 2013.

TERMINATOR Introduces New Titanium Rig And Stainless Steel Rig

Terminator Titanium Rig

Terminator Titanium Rig

On southern bass lakes across the country, umbrella rigging is becoming wildly popular with weekend anglers and tournament veterans alike. Now, Terminator changes the Alabama rigging game with the introduction of the new Titanium Rig and Stainless Steel Rig.

“Simply put, the new Terminator Titanium Rig and Stainless Steel Rig are the most well-designed, durable and versatile Alabama rigs on the market,” said Ott DeFoe, Terminator pro angler. “The five baits produce a flurry of activity that begs for attention.”

Available in titanium or stainless steel, both rigs feature a rugged coupler minnow head that securely locks the schooling arms in place. In the water the rigs perfectly emulate a small, vulnerable break-off school of baitfish, and with wires masked in a black nickel finish, they almost seem invisible. Each rig features premium snaps and 75-pound barrel swivels, allowing these Terminator rigs to handle strike-after-strike with ease.

Terminator Stainless Steel Rig

Terminator Stainless Steel Rig

The Titanium Rig is equipped with a patented SnapBack Titanium wire frame that provides a long-lasting, non-breaking, consistently shaped spread, compared to the Stainless Steel Rig that bends easily to adjust into multiple configurations.

Both rigs also feature an unweighted head, allowing for use of heavier soft plastics without hindering performance.

“Each rig is very similar but with added benefits based on the material used. The Titanium Rig stays true-to-form, no matter what the obstacle; there is no re-bending to maintain it,” explained DeFoe.

“The Stainless Steel Rig is different in that respect as the frame can bend, providing anglers the versatility to simulate a variety of baitfish schools – it’s the best of both worlds,” DeFoe added.

Ott DeFoeIncreasing the odds, each rig allows anglers to toss five baits at once, which can possibly result in multiple hook-ups. The Titanium Rig and Stainless Steel Rig come ready to harness with the choice of lures, swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits or jigs.

“For best results, I recommend running both rigs with strong braided line, say 65-pound test,” said DeFoe.

To store, simply slide the stainless steel ring down from the head to collapse the arms. Both rigs are available in three sizes: 5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch. Bass fanatics can choose from four coupler minnow head colors including Chartreuse White Shad, Blue Shad, Gold Shiner and Crappie.

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