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John Crews

John Crews holds the original Little John DD 70 (back) and new Little John Baby DD 60 (front). He says, “There are times when you need to reach deeper depths but do not want to throw a big frame bait to do it, or in some cases you may need to downsize to 'match the hatch' - and that's when the new Baby DD will come in handy."

New Bass Tackle for 2013 from SPRO

At the annual ICAST trade show to be held in Orlando, Florida in July 2012, vendors in the sportfishing tackle industry unveil all the new tackle they’re planning for 2013.

In holding true to its mission of producing the most effective and realistic lures on the market today, SPRO is excited to bring you its new product line-up for the 2013 fishing season.

“Our new models and new colors this year are the results of collaboration between the SPRO pro-staff members and design team. Together they have worked long hours and spent many days on the water and at the drawing board to create some of the best baits SPRO has ever brought to market. Going over what we have to offer the fishermen in 2013 with new baits and colors, I am proud of all the hard work between our pros and the development team this year” says SPRO Sales Manager Syd Rives. “These are some great additions to the SPRO family of baits. II want to extend my personal thanks to all of the SPRO design team and our pro-staffers – Roland Martin, John Crews, Mike McClelland, Dean Rojas, Bill Siemantel and Russ Lane – for your many contributions and hard work. Each of you have worked hard this past year to ensure the lures that SPRO produce help anglers catch fish.”

New! Little John Baby DD 60 Deep-Diving Crankbait

“The new Baby DD runs around 12-13 feet deep (on 10lb line) and it grinds around on bottom good about 7 to 10 feet deep,” says namesake lure designer and Bassmaster Elite pro John Crews.  “On lakes that are deeper, where the bass stage a little deeper, the Baby DD is definitely a good prespawn bait when the fish are staging on depth breaks before they get right up on the bank. They might stage in that 8-10 foot range and the Baby DD is perfect for hitting that range. On the other hand, on lakes that are just shallower in general, the fish will set up all summer in that 8 to 10 or 12 foot range and again the Baby DD works perfect for hitting that depth.”

The Little John Baby DD is 60mm long, weighs 5/8 oz and will come in 7 of SPRO’s top fish catching colors.

New! Fat Papa 55 Medium Deep Runner

Russ Lane

Russ uses the Fat Papa 70 (back) mainly from post-spawn through fall. He uses the Fat Papa 55 (front) most of all when the water gets cold during winter through prespawn.

Bassmaster Elite pro Russ Lane designed the original Fat Papa 70 for post-spawn, say May or June through November. For the colder half of the year, he and SPRO are coming out with the new Fat Papa 55 for when the water gets cold in winter right through to prespawn. “I don’t want to say the Fat Papa 55’s only for early spring and cold water but that’s really what I had in mind with this bait,” says Russ.

The Fat Papa 55 has a much tighter wiggling action (than the Fat Papa 70), comes with 2 full-size Gamakatsu #4 hooks and dives to 8, 9 or even 10 feet on a long cast with a good 10 lb test fluorocarbon. It casts impressively – quite a distance for a small crankbait.

“I wanted the Fat Papa 55 to be the next step up amongst crankbaits of this size. It’s a really good caster. I don’t think there are many other 55mm baits that will reach that 9′ depth and none that cast as well as the Fat Papa 55,” says designer Russ Lane.

Whereas the Fat Papa 70 is silent, Russ added rattles to the Fat Papa 55. “I think you need rattles in cooler water. I don’t know the reason why, but based on experience, I just get a whole lot more bites with rattles in cooler water, and there’s often a correlation with cold water fishing being dirtier water,” admits Russ.

Rattles also help the Fat Papa 55 dive deeper and you can throw it a lot further being a small bait. The rattles stay in an internal chamber and being lead, the sound has more of a hard thud to it.

The Fat Papa 55 is 55mm long, weighs 1/2 oz and will come in 5 of SPRO’s best bass-catching colors.

New! McStick 115 Jerkbait

SPRO’s new addition to Bassmaster Elite pro Mike McClelland’s McStick line of signature jerkbaits, the McStick 115 is the new big brother to the McStick 95 and 110.

McClelland designed the new McStick 115 to be used when the fish are in shallow water looking for and feeding on bigger forage fish. The McStick 115 is a suspending bait with a working depth of 0-4 ft on 10lb line. Casting is a breeze with SPRO’s weight transfer system that’s built into all McStick models, making it easy to fish the McStick 115 on either baitcasting or spinning gear.

The new McStick 115 is 115 mm long, weights 1/2 oz, has 3 #5 premium Gamakatsu trebles and will comes in SPRO’s finest fish-catching colors.

SPRO Announces New Colors for Well-Established Baits

Fat John 60. (60mm, 5/8oz) Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Crews to be the best shallow running square bill crankbait on the market! The SPRO Fat John comes with two premium Gamakatsu size #3 trebles. The Fat John is equipped with a soft tungsten weight transfer system for extra long casting like all the other baits in the SPRO Little John family. Previously available in 8 colors, this year brings 5 new colors: Rootbeer, Chrome Olive, Chartreuse and Blue, Chartreuse Nasty, Fire Craw.

Little John 50. (50mm, 1/2oz) The computer chipboard lip provides more feel and greater durability as the original Little John crankbait continues to impress fishermen with its long distance casting and fish catching ability. This bait performs well in windy conditions and comes rigged with the world’s sharpest treble hooks – Gamakatsu. Previously available in 18 colors, this year brings 5 new colors: Fire Craw, Blue Grass Craw, Rusty Craw, Chartreuse Nasty, and Chartreuse and Blue.

Little John MD 50. (50mm, 1/2oz) Ideal for assaulting ledges and weedlines stacked with fish that are lurking to catch their prey, the Little John 50 is designed to run about 9ft deep on 10lb test line. Previously available in 19 colors, this year brings 2 new colors: Chartreuse Nasty, Chartreuse and Blue.

McStick 110. (110mm, 5/8oz) The original McStick designed by Mike McClelland for tournament fishermen, but in truth any fishermen can use it with great success on every game fish that swims. The McStick 110 is designed to suspend at lower water temperatures for those finicky early and late season fish and is a bait that is easy to adjust on those aggressive warmer season bites too. Previously available in 13 colors, this year brings 5 new colors: SPRO Blue, Ayu, Dirty Bone, Black Gold Shad, Midnight Blue.

Bronzeye Popper. (60mm, 1/2oz) With a loud popping sound that compliments its realistic life-like action, the Bronzeye Popper continues to attract and land big bass. Rigged with 3/0 Gamakatsu hooks. This Dean Rojas signature bait was previously available in 16 colors, this year brings 5 new colors: Amazon, Freak, Natural, Outback, Killer Gill.

Bronzeye 65. (65mm, 5/8oz) The gold standard that all the other frogs are measured against. Dean Rojas designed this frog to be fished in all types of conditions. Designed to cast long distances and is specially weighted to land upright on every cast. Simply put the SPRO Bronzeye 65 is the best frog on the market. Previously available in 26 colors, this year brings 4 new colors: Amazon, Freak, Natural Outback

Bronzeye Jr. 60. (60mm, 1/2oz) A leaner meaner version of its big brother. The Rojas Signature Series Bronzeye Jr. 60 has a real attitude and is The body has been redesigned to maximize hook-up ratio of the “New” Gamakatsu Superline 3/0 EWG Double Hook. The Bronzeye Jr. 60 can be fished on either a spinning or baitcasting setup. This Dean Rojas signature bait previously came in 17 colors, this year brings 7 new colors: Amazon, Freak, Natural, Outback, Nasty Shad, Killer Gill, Red Ear.

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