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Britt Myers

Pro Britt Myers says, "Everybody's out to build a superlight rod and a lot of companies have, but Pinnacle has perfected a superlight, dependable rod that's strong, that won't break. At the 2012 Bassmaster Elite on Okeechobee, Florida, I was flipping a matted grass area. Lots of other Elite pros were too. Well, rods were snapping like firecrackers all around me for the four days competition. That is the most brutal rod conditions you'll ever face, but I never broke a Pinnacle rod the whole time. They build a lightweight, really sensitive rod that is strong and it has to do with Pinnacle's DHC5 technology in the Tournament Series rods."

New Bass Tackle for 2013 from Pinnacle

At the annual ICAST trade show to be held in Orlando, Florida in July 2012, vendors in the sportfishing tackle industry unveil all the new tackle they’re planning for 2013.

Pinnacle Adds New Optimus LTE to its Optimus Reel Line

For 2013, Pinnacle is adding three new models of baitcasting reels to its Optimus line of tournament reels. Called the Optimus LTE, these reels were designed and tested with direct input from Pinnacle pro’s Paul Elias, Dave Wolak, John Crews, Britt Myers and Brandon Card.

While the Optimus LTE was designed with the tournament bass fisherman in mind, Pinnacle wanted to build a solid, reliable reel that would be able to take the day-to-day wear and tear that only tournament fishermen can dole out. No doubt the LTE reels will be dubbed by anglers as the “work horse” in the Pinnacle line of Optimus reels.

New Optimus LTE Models:

OP10 LTHS. 7.3:1
OP10 LTE. 6.4:1
OP10 LTESR. 5.5:1

Optimus LTE

Optimus LTE

The Optimus LTE is built like all the Pinnacle Optimus reels on an X-Bone pattern frame that maximizes strength and durability, while keeping weight at an absolute minimum. The X-Bone construction distributes the amount of critical stress equally to four points (just like a car chassis), ideally compensating for the entire weight load. This frame design and metal side covers increase rigidity and torque resistance too, allowing the gears to remain in perfect alignment at all times giving you smooth operation.

Pinnacle’s Optimus LTE has an understated matte finish that’s durable and good-looking. The Optimus LTE weighs 7.4 oz ans is equipped with 9 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings plus a stainless steel Anti-Reverse roller bearing ensuring continuous smooth operation. The Pinnacle Optimus LTE is attractively priced at MSRP $159.00.

New John Crews Squarebill Rod and Paul Elias Alabama Rig Rod

For 2013, in order to provide fishermen with the specific rid actions that are grabbing today’s bassing headlines, Pinnacle is adding two new actions to its successful line of Perfecta Tournament Class line of rods.

Perfecta Rods

Perfecta Rods

Both of these new rods will be built the same way all the other Perfecta Rods are built, using the same Pinnacle proprietary Double Helical Construction (DHC5). Equipped with lightweight yet durable Fuji New Concept Alconite Guides and Reel Seats.

John Crews Squarebill Cranking Rod. John Crews has been influential in coming to Pinnacle and working on designing a crankbait rod built to John’s specifications to throw his signature squarebill line of crankbaits. Length: 7’0″. Action: Medium Heavy. Taper: Moderate. Model #DHC5-701CAMHCB Square Billed Cranking. Price: MSRP $189.00

Paul Elias Alabama Rig Rod. Last fall, Paul Elias set the bass world on fire introducing everyone to the Alabama Rig. Relatively unheard of before then, Paul took an Alabama Rig on Lake Guntersville and won the FLW event with a weight of 102-8lbs beating the nearest competitor by 17lbs and changing bass fishing forever. This new Pinnacle rod is the same one Paul used last fall, which at that time was a rod Pinnacle made for Paul to his specifications. Available to the public now, Pinnacle is proud to introduce the Paul Elias Alabama Rig Rod. Length: 7’11”. Line: 10-30lb. Lure: ¼-2 oz. Action: Heavy. Taper: Moderate Fast. Model #DHC5-7112CAHFS Paul Elias Alabama Rig Rod, Heavy Flipping. Price: MSRP $199.00

John Crews on his New Squarebill Rod for 2013

John Crews“The SPRO Fat John and other squarebills are bulkier, more bulbous power fishing crankbait with lots of vibration. You need a different rod for them You need a rod that’s not too long so you can make accurate casts,” says John. “A squarebill rod’s got to have that parabolic bend but also a soft tip so those treble hooks don’t pull out of the mouth. It’s also got enough backbone so when you hook a 3 or 4 pounder you can wrench him out of shallow cover and then get him right into the boat which is the whole objective,” and indeed Crews has just designed a new 7′ Pinnacle Perfecta rod specifically for squarebill crankbaits but it will also work with other crankbaits – medium runners and little bit bigger cranks, he says.

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