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New Bass Tackle for 2013 from Northland Fishing Tackle

Impulse 5” Jerk Minnow

Impulse Jerk MinnowDesigned with a sleek, aerodynamic minnow profile, with flat sides and a flat nose to create the erratic, darting action of a panicked or injured baitfish, Northland’s new Impulse 5” Jerk Minnow has a belly slit for concealing a large worm hook, inserted through the nose, turned and re-inserted up through the back, weedless style. The resulting rigged bait is slightly less than buoyant, allowing it to perform a slow, seductive sink when paused, just like an injured minnow. Their subtle split tails resemble the soft tails of baitfish like alewives, smelt and shad, and thy come in six popular baitfish patterns that feature dark backs and lighter bellies.

“Big fish love the erratic, unpredictable, wild-and-crazy action of the new Impulse 5” Jerk Minnow,” says Northland pro-staffer Scott Glorvigen. “The bait flashes and flails before their eyes–left-right, up-down, back and forth. No two consecutive motions are the same. It’s the ultimate in teasing, tempting and tantalizing to trigger strikes, because it drives bass nuts. They lose their inhibitions, and make a mad dash to pounce on the maddening meal.”

While it’s designed for classic soft jerkbait techniques, jerk minnow fishing, it is also ideal to rig on a jighead, using cast-and-swim or lift-drop retrieves. Plus it’s superb for vertical jigging in deep water. The thick, flat nose has plenty of grip to remain on your jig head, even if you jig it aggressively, says the company.

Like all soft plastic baits in Northland’s IMPULSE lineup, the 5” Jerk Minnow is super-charged with IMPULSE Instinctual Attractant, featuring a baked-in MicroPlankton formula. It’s proven 143% more effective than competitive brands. “What’s more, IMPULSE REACTIONARY BAITS have a 100% retention rate, meaning that no matter how long you use them, the potency of the scent and flavor burst never wears off. They’re as good on your 100th cast as the first. They trigger an irresistible urge to bite, and cause fish to hold baits in their mouths longer,” says Northland’s Marketing Manager Chris Morgal.

New Rock-It Jig

Rock-It JigClassic up-down jigging, and lift-drop swimming retrieves, probably account for most jigging catches, whether you’re fishing with live baits, or dressing your jigs with soft plastic imitations. In most cases, the motion of the jig attracts fish in for a look, but it’s the vulnerability generated during the pause that actually triggers them to bite. Especially if it appears to be stunned, injured or struggling.

A jig doesn’t have to be moving to catch fish. But it should appear lifelike, and therefore good enough to eat. A jig that stands up, exposing your bait to the fish, makes a good thing appear even better. Especially if you can add some subtle wiggles and jiggles to enhance your bait’s attraction and vulnerability.

“The concave head of the Rock-It Jig is specifically designed to stand up on the bottom, to minimize snags and maximize live-bait or artificial bait presentations,” says Northland Fishing Tackle founder, John Peterson. “Tighten, then slightly slacken your line to tip and rock it in place. When your bait stands upright, it’s highly visible to surrounding fish, generating additional strikes.

The Rock-It Jig features a premium Gamakatsu hook with a custom 10-degree hook bend to increase hookups. Thread a soft-bait onto the long hook, up tight to the back of the curved jig head, and the signature “Barb-Wire” bait collar holds it securely in place. The bait’s nose tucks up tight into the pocket of the Rock-It head to maximize its natural appearance while minimizing snags in and around weeds, rocks, docks and wood.

Available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 oz.

Hot-Spot Buoys Introduce Stealth Technology To Floating Markers

Hot-Spot BuoyYou’ve probably seen or used large, brightly-colored floating markers to mark fishing spots, allowing you to fish them effectively and perhaps even return again and again to catch fish. Trouble is, if other anglers see them, they routinely move in on your action. And once one pirate moves in for the bounty, the more, the merrier. Your secret’s out, and your secret spot is history.

How do you solve the share-the-wealth syndrome? With stealth technology, by making markers smaller, low-vis, and discrete. That way, if others don’t already know where to look, chances are they aren’t going to discover the end of the rainbow that marks your favorite fishing hole.

“Over the years, we’ve learned lots of ways to hide fishing spots from the competition,” says Northland Fishing Tackle founder and avid tournament competitor John “Sneaky Pete” Peterson, who knows all the tricks in the book for protecting fishing spots. “We’ve used common, everyday items like sticks, Styrofoam cups, even small bobbers positioned slightly beneath the water’s surface. Things that other anglers would either fail to notice or ignore.”

“But now, you don’t have to invent ways to be sneaky on your own. Team Northland Hot-Spot Buoys are smaller and more discrete than traditional floating markers. They lie low to the surface, making them harder to see unless you get up really close,” says Peterson.

“Team Northland Hot-Spot Buoys come in three colors. I really like using the black one. Nobody’s going to spot that until they’re right on top of it. Chances are, you can leave it on the lake for a few days without anyone even noticing. Traditional hi-vis orange is great when you intend to fish awhile in wind and waves, and then pull the marker when you leave the spot. At dawn or dusk, I use white, which is easy to spot from a distance in low-light conditions. Just like with fishing tackle, it makes sense to carry an assortment of Hot-Spot Buoys, and to use whichever degree of detection best matches the situation.”

Hot-Spot Buoys are individually packaged, in the three aforementioned colors – black, orange and white. Each comes with 50 feet of marker line and a bowtie-shaped weight that fits into a convenient “Snap-In” weight-holding system for easy storage and quick accessibility. Wind the line around the X-shaped buoy for retrieval, and snap the weight into the back of the buoy for storage. Simply unsnap the weight and toss the buoy in the water to deploy, and it’ll unwind until the weight hits bottom. Then you’re ready to fish.

Team Northland Hot-Spot Buoys. Smaller. Subtler. Stealthier. They keep you on the spot, keep your fishing spots secret, and keep everyone else off your fish.

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